Below are a couple games I have created on my spare time using Unity and 3DsMax. The below games are currently on the Occulus Gear VR store.
Click on the images to see more information and images inside the Oculus store.


Shoot the West


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I am currently a Lead Programmer for Caterpillar, working with Unity to develop new innovating software in Augmented and Virtual Reality for our company to thrive in the ever growing market of computer technology.

I have also been a 3D modeler for over 15 years working for companies like Electronic Arts and N-Space on various video games as well as freelance projects for other games. Being involved in many aspects of all 3D modeling including, Lead Stadium Artist, Cinematics, World Builder and other design aspects. I have also been a web programmer for over 5 years working in HTML, PHP, CSS, Ajax, and Javascripting.

Recently I created a couple games for the Oculus Gear VR on my spare time. I used Unity to create both of these with all assets of the games created in 3DsMax and Photoshop.
Shoot the West was the first game I created over Christmas Vacation to see what hurdles I might run into taking a game from start to finish and punblishing into a store. A few of the assets in this game were purchased from The Unity asset store, the background elements, while the rest were created and coded by myself.
Throw I decided to take on to push out the first real football game in Virtual Reality. I wanted to innovate and take on new functionality and see how far I could push the Gear VR in mobile Virtual Reality. Using the controller you have full control over your throwing, and being the quarterback. The defence was an algorithm I wrote to make it challenging for the user, fully randomizing each play of the other team while your on defence to make each experience fully unique and different.